Cruze 'n' Snooze

Houseboats on Lake MacQuarie
Luxury Vessels Up to 12 people

Do I need a licence?

No, as our houseboats operate at a speed under 10 knots

Do I need Navigation Knowledge?

Not at all. We cover all aspects in our briefing and you are in radio contact if you have any queries or problems. We are there to assist in every way.

Is it safe for children?

Many of our charters are family groups, this includes small children and babies.

How do you prepare us for our trip?

On your arrival at our office, we go through a briefing that cover boat handling and the navigable areas. We accompany you until you get the feel of the boat and answer all your queries. By the time you leave us you will be feeling in control . . . and we won't let you leave until you are completely comfortable.

Why Cruze N Snooze Boat Hire?

Cruze N Snooze Hire believes that everyone at some time in their lives deserves a "Getaway" that is indulgent and memorable. Our obliging and friendly staff will endeavour to provide you with a unique experience and at the same time affordable luxury. We have the advantage of being located at a Toronto marina with easy access to parking and the convenience of easy boarding. We take the time to ensure that all our vessels are modern, spotlessly clean and highly maintained. We have also have taken the time to position for your convenience courtesy moorings that add to the ease of your experience on the water. The success of your holiday is very important to us because ultimately this will be our success as a business. Cruze N Snooze want you to return and we want you to tell your friends.

What is provided on the houseboat?

We supply all the linen, kitchen equipment, crockery and cutlery. There is a fridge and a small freezer. There is also one or two eskies, a gas BBQ, a CD player, ipod player, a radio, a TV and DVD. All your entertainment needs are provided for. All you need to bring is your food and drink, clothes, etc.

Can we contact your office from the houseboat?

We provide you with a phone number for after-hours contact. Should you experience any difficulties, somebody is always available to help you. Your mobile phone should work in any area of the lake and we suggest you bring the car charger for your phone so that you can keep it charged whilst on the boat.

We also provide a UHF Radio and full instructions on its use are provided during your briefing.

Will my 240 volt appliances work?

Power on the boat is 12 volt DC, just like your car. One 240v inverter is provided but its usage is at your risk to your appliances. Please bring you 12 volt phone charger.

Is there enough water onboard?

Our boats carry ample water for a week of sensible use. If however, everyone onboard has two ten minute showers a day, you will soon be low on water. If this occurs simply contact us and we will resupply you with water by asking you to return to our marina. The water onboard is town-water and is perfectly safe to drink.

Where can we anchor?

Cruze N Snooze has its own dedicated mooring at various locations around the lake. There are also a lot of places to stop for the night, or for a quick trip ashore. Your brief at our office prior to departure will cover all of this.

Will my car be safe?

Our customers are quite happy to leave their car in council car park and we have not had a problem with this.

Can I bring my own boat / jet-ski / tinnie?

Of course, but we ask you to let us know in advance if you intend to do so. If you bring your own boat we do not supply one of our dinghies. Care must be taken to avoid damaging the houseboat with your boat, please bring a couple of fenders (not tyres!) with you.

Can we bring pets?

Unfortunately no, the Health Department will not allow animals aboard the houseboats (just like hotel accommodation).

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